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I'm running a Misfit Marathon for a great organization
Burning through the base

Burning Through the Base

Well I guess the third time is the charm. This run was originally supposed to be my Sunday (yesterday) long run. But since Katie and I were going to Niagara, I talked to my coach and we agreed to bump it to Saturday morning before we left… But that didn’t happen. So here we are, Monday afternoon, and I finally did last week’s long run.

According to my coach, I was supposed to run for 90-minutes—with no regard for distance— at “10:00/mile pace… or slower.” I pretty well nailed that requirement, clocking in at 88-minutes and 14 seconds at 10:11/mile. Definitely my longest run of the year and at a pace notably slower than last year’s Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. But hey, it’s base building so slow is good. Slow is purposeful.

Perhaps the biggest upside was the massive calorie burn after a weekend of massive calorie intake. I suppose I should weigh-in tomorrow to see just how I’m holding up (or most likely, slipping back) from last week’s progress toward my weight loss goals.

OH! And quick fun anecdote from the road: As I turned onto Livernois along my eighth mile, I pass a woman in quintessential mom jean capris shouting as she walked.What was she shouting? (caps to match the mood, “I’M CSI! I’M A BADASS LITTLE BITCH! I SEE THINGS, BUT I CAN KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT!” So that was fun.

Otherwise, the run was wonderfully uneventful. A nice little rain along mile one that led to a quick stop at the liquor store to borrow a plastic bag to protect my phone. A couple quick stops to adjust my laces. The middle miles felt the best, but overall nothing was all that bad. Feeling a little sore now, but nothing too bad.

Back at it for a track workout tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. Yeesh. Less than 12 hours between a long run and a track workout. Keep those calories burning.

Off of Work and Off My Game

Tomorrow, after my long run for the week, Katie and I will be heading out for a night at Niagara Falls to celebrate our eight year anniversary and our first night away from Luke. So today, I took the day off work to wrap some things up around the house in preparation for the Grandmas to arrive to keep an eye on Luke while we’re away.

So I started today with my run, another easy 4-miler. How was it? Meh, I’ve had better. I have some occasional issues with my right calf that decided to pop-up along this run and even snuck up a bit to my hip. Nothing awful, more aggravating and annoying. Which was sort of the whole run, really. I enjoyed getting out, the weather continues to be perfect. I enjoyed the idea of running today, but in practice it wasn’t all that great.

But hey, they can’t all be winners. Tomorrow’s long run is to be 90-minutes at a 10:00/mile pace “or slower” as prescribed by my coach. Base building can be boring, but I’m definitely in need. Let’s hope this long run tomorrow morning feels better than the short one today.

Night Shift

Running on the Night Shift

I am reasonably certain I just set a personal record. Unfortunately that PR isn’t for anything exciting, like fastest mile or most high-fives along a run. Instead, I set a PR for Latest Run. I think. Probably. I really don’t keep track of those things and finding start times doesn’t seem to be easily accessible through any of the plethora of services I use for tracking my runs.

Anyway, I could not have picked a better night to have shoved my run off so late. During the 2:00 rests after each of my 3 x 1 mile thresholds, I tried to soak as much of that in as possible. This was largely done by really half-assing those rests and walking at least as much as I jogged. Even on the miles ‘on,’ I kind of felt like I was holding back thanks to a heart rate shooting up a bit more at a slower pace than expected. I feel like I had more in the tank, but on a threshold run I am a slave to the Garmin and it kept my pace in check.

Now, does this mean that my threshold heart rate is higher than the last time Training Peaks updated it? Does it mean that my off-season slacking has resulted in my heart working harder for less work? Does it mean that I’m just a little out of tune with body and need to dial it in a bit more to really know where my threshold is by feel?

Who knows! Time will tell and I’m looking forward to finding out.

Regardless, it sure was a fun run. Looking forward to my next one on Friday.


I Begin.

Today at lunch, I set out on the first run of my Chicago Marathon training plan. It’s early to start; 22 weeks out. But let’s be real, I haven’t exactly been on my A Game this off season. I could fire off plenty of excuses. The birth of my amazing son, Luke. My full time day job. My sometimes-feels-like-fulltime coaching the Bold Beginners with the Be Bold Crew. But at the end of the day, they’re just excuses. And I love all that stuff, so it’d be lame to shove this off onto them. There is always a way to find time to train and I just haven’t made it enough of a priority.


Chicago Marathon Registration Confirmation

The Big One

The plan since I’d started getting in shape had always been to run my first marathon in 2016. Ideally, that marathon would be the Chicago Marathon, a race accessible by qualification or by lottery. I don’t know if I ever really believed I’d get there. Either the lottery or some other life circumstance would keep me from that seemingly suicidal 26.2 miles.

And then Katie and I had our son Luke and I thought maybe it would be best to push that goal off a year. I’d found my ambiguous life circumstance to keep me safe. Focus on fathering and husbanding, on coaching and triathloning.  Admirable goals, all. But then a favorite old coworker contacted me and offered me a spot on the Chicago Youth Centers’ Marathon Team at the Chicago Marathon.

While I did spend a week hemming and hawing over what to do, I always knew I’d say yes. How could I not? The Universe had reached down and handed me the opportunity I’d been waiting for. When I asked Katie what she thought, most likely looking for my excuse to skip out? She did not hesitate to encourage me to take it on.

And it’s not just the Chicago Marathon that I’m taking on, I’m also taking on the honor and responsibility of raising money for the Chicago Youth Centers. So please, take a moment and donate. Not only will you be encouraging me as I take on the daunting training and race ahead of me, you will be contributing directly to an organization that serves so many deserving children throughout Chicago.

Just use the link above or the widget on the sidebar to the right and contribute today. And then be sure to come back here and check-in on my training, racing, and living between now and the big day.

Donate Now
To the Bar

Up & Running

It’s 6:50am and I’m somewhere over Michigan in a Southwest Airlines plane. A combination of an early flight and a $12.50 investment into Early Bird Check-In have left me with a front row seat and no middle seat passenger. The flight tab was picked up by my incredibly generous and frequent flying friend Jay, who also leant his wifi password. Despite waking at 4:00am, I’ve had worse mornings and many worse flights.  (more…)

Detroit Triathlon Beginners Training

Let’s Start at the Beginning

As I believe is self-evident by the very existence of this blog, I love triathlon. It feels like something that has been a part of my life far longer than the mere two seasons I’ve raced. I love the training, I love waking up at 5 AM after a night of neurotically checking my Transition Bag to ensure I’m not forgetting anything, I love the nerves while waiting for the swim to start and how they continue until after I’ve crossed the finish line, I love the friends I’ve made along the way… I pretty much love all of it.  (more…)

Sunrise & Ride

Rise & Ride

It’s not always easy to wake up at or before 5:00 AM, but I sure do love setting up my bike on the trainer every Wednesday morning. I think yesterday’s 11/11 Veteran’s Day Ride was probably my favorite yet. The workout I’d put together flowed nicely and moved quickly. The playlist (listed below) was near perfectly timed. It was an all around beautiful November morning.

Hope to see you next Wednesday!


Mustache Dache PR --- Scary Fast

How Fast?

I arrived at the Mustache Dache a little chilly and with low expectations. Not for the event—which was actually pretty great—but for my performance. Ever since the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon, I just haven’t always made the best eating decisions and haven’t been training quite as much. I wasn’t being down on myself or my ability, I was being reasonable.

My 5k PR (Personal Record) going in to the event was 25:19, so I figured that optimistically I could hit 25-minutes even. My plan was basically to just run as fast as I could for as long as I could and then coast through the end while hoping for the best. With each mile, I eagerly anticipated the beep of my watch to tell me how fast I ran the prior mile. (more…)

Detroit Indoor Cycling Training

Sweat & Sunrise

5:00 AM came early today, but my commitment to reclaim the morning held up as I pulled myself out of bed and into the Detroit Yacht Club parking lot at 5:50 AM. Unlike last Wednesday, these efforts were rewarded as other Be Bold Crew members arrived ready to get their sweat on. Much like the first Indoor Cycling class I taught with the Be Bold Crew, I learned a few things after successfully running through the routine with others. (more…)